About Bruce

Bruce is a self-proclaimed life-long sports fan who in a matter of months became a music aficionado¬†with a passion for live shows, shifting from an AM radio guy to an FM fan all the way. His first-ever concert, the Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over stop at Alpine Valley in 1994, planted a seed that over more than 20 years became the passion behind BruMar Productions.

He took a single concert idea and cultivated relationships with both venues and bands to bring shows to the Midwest that leave audiences wanting more. His approach to each show is as unique as the event itself, creating an incredible and unforgettable experience for the talent, the venue, and, most importantly, the fans.

About Mary

If Bruce only recently became an FM man, it’s because Mary has been one her whole life. She’s even responsible for planting the seed for this passion, when she took him to his first concert in 1994. While it was a new experience for Bruce, Mary has been attending Summerfest for 35 years.

Meanwhile, she has built a successful career in marketing, which brings an important set of skills to tackle the challenges of concert and event production. She organizes and manages the digital, design, and financial aspects of BruMar Productions.